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The town of Greenwood, occasionally referred to as ‘The Emerald City,’ was developed in the early to mid-1800’s.   A prominent local plantation family, the McGehee’s, built their summer home on what is now lower East Cambridge Avenue; and called it Green Wood.  Eventually, a settlement grew up around that first house which was the beginning of the Greenwood we know today.   Greenwoods history evolved around railroad and textile manufacturing, beginning with the railroads around 1850 followed by the mills in the late 1880’s.    One of the largest family owned Cotton Mills originated here.  Two important mill families, the Selfs and the Abneys played a large part in developing Greenwood into a textile manufacturing community. Today, old mill homes still dot the community and streets of the area.
Historical landmarks can be found at Star Fort in Ninety Six where a Revolutionary War siege was fought and even today early American Colonial life is depicted. Take a short 15-minute drive west of Greenwood, you will find Abbeville which boasts of more historical landmarks such as the Burt Stark home where the last Confederacy Council was held during the Civil War; Trinity Episcopal Church dating back to the early 1800’s and the Old Opera House where audiences have enjoyed performances for over 100 years. The creation of Lake Greenwood was the result of a project developed in the 1930’s – 1940’s in response to unemployment and the generation of inexpensive electricity for the local communities of Greenwood, Ninety Six, Clinton, Laurens and Newberry. With the influx of various industrial businesses in the 1950's, Greenwood remains a much diversified community.
Greenwood is host to several attractions that you may find interesting and enjoyable. The Festival of Flowers is hosted in June and involves many of our local residents who help out with numerous activities. The Greenwood Community Theatre supports the local arts with a fun-filled season of plays; as does the Art Council, Lander University and the Museum. If you are interested in just a relaxing light summer’s evening, Live at Five outdoor concerts may be more your style. Or maybe you would enjoy an evening stroll along the quaint vintage streets of Uptown while enjoying a glass of wine on the annual Wine Walk.  Lake Greenwood offers a wide variety of activities such as fishing, water skiing, pontoon boat cruises or just sitting back and watching the sunset on a warm summer evening.  Whatever you pleasure, you are sure to enjoy the area and especially the community of Harborside.

Harborside Subdivision was established by developer, John Harrison , in 2000 with the final phase being completed in 2007.  "The property which became Harborside was known by all who recreated on Lake Greenwood as one of the most picturesque, pristine properties on the lake.  Heavily wooded with a meandering shoreline, it featured both large expanses of big open water and quiet coves.  Prior to Harborside, the property was (for 30 years) used as a recreation haven for the employees of Monsanto .  They enjoyed fishing, boating, hunting, camping and picnicing.  The company maintained a large picnic shelter, camping spots, and a sandy beach.  The Greenwood Monsanto plant became Solutia in 1997.   When Solutia decided in 1999 to sell the waterfront tract that is now Harborside, Harrison acquired the property in January 2000 with the vision of creating a community which emphasized the natural wooded beauty of the land.  By December 2000 the first lots were sold.  Lot sales and home construction continued at a brisk pace in the following years, becoming the Harborside we know today."

In early 2010, John Harrison, the developer, relinquished his seat as Declarant and an interim Advisory Board of Directors was established.   The first elected Board of Directors was voted into office in the Fall of 2010 as the lot owners and residents took ownership of the community.
This lakeside community is centrally situated on the west bank of Lake Greenwood - Located about half-way between the Dam on the south end of the lake and the merging Saluda and Reedy Rivers on the north end of the lake.   With the completion of the last phase and subsequent lot combinations, Harborside now consists of 233 lots of which almost 50% have been developed and have established homes. 
Harborside has a diverse group of people coming from a large variety of backgrounds. Some are native to the area, some relocated with jobs and some retired to enjoy the beautiful lake. Take a walk around the community and you will see that it is growing every day.  Neighbors have enjoyed Block Parties, Christmas Dinners, Ladies Coffee’s and Flotilla’s on the Lake.  Of course, Golfing is a popular activity, as is sporting clays at the nearby Gun Club.
Please feel free to contact a Board member if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how to improve the community.