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A LETTER From the President:

Time for another update on some goings on around the neighborhood:

Storage Lot Update
Thanx to all who have numbered their trailers.  Great job.  We still have seven trailers with no numbers (OOPS). We'll be putting pink flags on those with no numbers this week so if you know who owns a pink flagged trailer please let them know Big Brother is watching.  Next we might just paint the trailers pink.  There is still room in the lot for about 20 more trailers, but we need to get the inventory up to speed and your help is appreciated.

 Entrance Lights
In case you haven't noticed the lights on both sides of the road are now operable.  Hats off to Frank Suratchak for honchoing the rewiring to completion.  Good job.

 Gravel in the Storage Lot
You may have noticed (while you were numbering your trailers) that burrowing animals and rotted tree stumps have left some rather large holes in the lot.  Rufus Baca led a team of: Stephen Barker, Tony Bishop, Walt Pace and Wes Constable that spread three tons of gravel throughout the lot last week. Hopefully we got all the holes smoothed over.  Thanx guys.

 Construction Firm interested in Harborside:
Keystone,a construction firm from Augusta is interested in purchasing and building homes on the tract of 21-30 lots at the front of entrance of Harborside's Main Sail and Harborside Drive.  The BOD and ARC met with the President of Keystone, and is in continuing discussions with him, on the type of homes he wants to build and their compliance with our Covenants and building restrictions.  Nothing has been finalized, but wanted you to know that the dialogue is ongoing.. I assure you that the ARC and the BOD are all very familiar with our Covenants and restrictions and that nothing has been decided at this point in time.  Obviously there will be more to follow as this dialogue moves forward, but unless you hear it from us it's mere rumor, which is not needed

President - Doug Sheldon, harborside.president@gmail.com

Vice President - Tony Bishop

Treasurer - Stephen Barker

Member at Large - Carol Umphress

Secretary - Vickie Pace harborside.secretary@yahoo.com

This site is the online source of news, information, and resources for residents of HARBORSIDE, a Lakefront Community in beautiful Greenwood, SC.   Join us here to be a part of making our community The Best Place to call Home.

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Foggy Morning on the Lake
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Residents Photo's:
Sunrise on Lake Greenwood
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