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A LETTER From the President:

Couple of items from the President for your information:

New Construction.
As a follow up to our last Board Meeting the ARC Chairman has reached out to the owners of the houses under construction as to foreseeable finishing dates.  As I mentioned during the meeting, COVID, supply issues, and subcontractors inabilities have delayed some of the sites.  Those that are over the one year mark expect to be done before the first of May.  Others within the year guidelines expect to finish on time.  All are pedaling as fast as they personally can and we on the Board understand and wish them well.

Storage of items in the boat Storage lot:
Last week I walked thru the storage lot and read Resolution 2020-01 which is posted on the gate and governs the requirements for placing items in the lot.

I voted against the resolution last year when it was passed because there were no  instructions on how to track what is in the lot.  The 2018 Board had a good tracking mechanism, but that is now history. 

uring my walk around I found 75 items.  61 of them were identifiable by names or numbers.  Alas, 14 had no numbers on them.  I would personally appreciate it if all who have an item in the storage area would check their item for a number on the tongue of the trailer.

At this time all your items should have your own key number on them.  This will allow the Board to understand who/what is in the lot, and if we should ever overflow, who has to leave first.  Bottom line is:  If it’s yours and it’s in the lot, it needs your number on it.  Please help.  Thanx.

Bylaw Amendment Update
As you know, the Bylaw Amendment for Board members staggered terms of office, has passed effective January 31st.    The Amendment to the Bylaws has been written and is now with legal for their final approval.   As soon as we get it back from them, we will be forwarding a copy to each owner.   Again, the Board wants to thank all members for their support.

Maintenance and Reserve Committee:
My last item:  We’re trying to establish a long standing committee to keep this Board and future Boards on track as pertains to the Maintenance and Reserve Fund.  We believe it would be to the HOA’s advantage to have a transcending committee that keeps track of long term commitments versus long term prices with an eye on yearly budgets to make sure that $$$s are there when our kids have to replace some roads or lamp posts or a dock etc.  What did it cost to do the Private Roads last year and what will it cost to do it again in 15 years?  Have we budgeted for it??  Anyone interested in getting involved in this effort please contact Tony Bishop.  He’s got an Excel spread sheet that will knock your socks off (if you wear them) and show you what this too long paragraph is all about.
That’s all for now:  Numbers in the storage lot, and call Tony to look at his spread sheet.

Be safe!  Doug

President - Doug Sheldon, harborside.president@gmail.com

Vice President - Tony Bishop

Treasurer - Stephen Barker

Member at Large - Carol Umphress

Secretary - Vickie Pace harborside.secretary@yahoo.com

This site is the online source of news, information, and resources for residents of HARBORSIDE, a Lakefront Community in beautiful Greenwood, SC.   Join us here to be a part of making our community The Best Place to call Home.

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